No much time to say the truth.

My truth.

There is a distance between us.

Therefore, come close and listen to me…

Are there maps where Justice

has its own state?

Are they?

I wish they were. But I am afraid not.

Think about the parallel lines,

the borders undone and hard.

Think about them

when you smoke.

Take your time, pal.

There is a distance,

a concrete distance between us.

So clear, so straight, so sharp.

You want the Moon,

the whole Moon in your palms.

And I could bring it to you.

In a couple of minutes,

if you want.

But that Moon would be a fake one.

The one full of joy, respect and time.

The one unbroken, unbreakable,

unfinished and brand new

every single night.

I am hardly a dusty star.

A minimal spot in the huge universe.

A dusty star crossing the air.

Breathing with ache until the next start.

For the third time,

there is a distance between us

that cannot be erased.

You want a lover;

I want your love.

You want the whole Sun;

I am just a ray.

Let’s play our dark play.

You, dressed in blue.

Me, dressed in nude.

Listen the beat of my soul.

Here I am, just here. Not far.

Now it is your turn:

jump from your heart

and get into my house.

For a couple of seconds,

you will delete the distance.

Those two seconds:

one, two.


Me, You.



Raül (Febrer 2016)

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